What lies ahead for real estate investors?

What lies ahead for real estate investors?
February 2, 2021

(MO.Properties) What will be the economic environment of the residential and commercial real estate market one year from now?

America is hugely dependent on the real estate industry as part of our economic engine that creates jobs, businesses, wealth, and capital for investing.

Opinions on this topic are not in short supply if one watches business news. However, many of those opinions serve a self-serving interest to help promote the industry.  Maybe plagued with hope and prayer has the US government has gone deeper into debt, adding trillions of dollars to the national debt.

Questions we hear from readers from all walks of life.

  1. Which direction will real estate price go over the next 1-3 years?
  2. What will happen to foreclosures when the foreclosure restrictions are lifted now that the White House has a new leader with a much different opinion about resolving this issue?
  3. Where will unemployment be in the near future?
  4. While interest rates are low, real estate prices are high due to low supply.  Is it a good time to buy with high prices, or are consumers falling for the low rate trap to buy at unprecedented prices?
  5. Should buyers take a wait to see approach with all of the unknown factors facing the world?

While there are many different answers to these questions, all can’t be correct.  Professional advice is not hard to find, but there has never been a more critical time to get accurate answers to these and many more questions.

We want to caution consumers from accepting any answers without doing their research.  As times become increasingly challenging for most Americans, there will be an increase in self-serving solutions that might be presented as facts rather than self-gain.

We want to encourage all realtors in Missouri to provide their written opinions with supporting research.  Additionally, give a short bio and contact information.  We will carefully review the articles and republish your professional thoughts.  The content must not be self-serving. This information should be written to help guide consumers from an unbiased perspective even if the facts do not serve you or your profession.  Additionally, it should be non-political.  This content is intended to help guide consumers and small business owners.

Additionally, we will reward the most unbiased, factual content with supporting documentation and consumer-based content with a $250 reward.  Your recognition and award will be published on STL.News and its network of news sites that are seen around the world.

We will compile all submissions and publish some, but use information from all submissions to create an overview article for publication on MO.Properties, STL.News and more.

Please submit content to Marty@STLMedia.Agency.  If you have questions call +1 314-808-1870.