Real Estate Agents Can Host Virtual Open Houses Today with Townify

Real Estate Agents Can Host Virtual Open Houses Today with Townify
September 23, 2020

TUSTIN, Calif. (MO.Properties) – Despite the COVID-19 pandemic slowing down much of the country, real estate has arguably never been hotter. That’s why it’s never been more important for the real estate industry to embrace technology than it is right now.

And now, the real estate industry can meet this new normal head-on thanks to a dynamic new offering from real estate tech pioneer Zigzy.

Townify, which is launching today out of beta testing, enables real estate agents to host virtual open houses, a necessity in an age of social distancing.

Using Townify, real estate agents can provide full virtual home tours to buyers who don’t feel comfortable touring someone else’s house. Plus, by using Townify’s virtual open house feature, home sellers control the number of people who visit their house.

Through Townify, real estate agents can schedule and host a virtual open house, complete with a personally branded sign-in sheet for all prospective buyers who attend the open house. The sign-in sheet can even be co-branded with a real estate agent’s preferred lending partner.

Best of all, Townify seamlessly plugs to numerous top CRM systems, allowing real estate agents to enhance their existing process, rather than replace it.

CRM providers can also easily add Townify to their suite of offerings for real estate agents, offering them a tool to excel in today’s ever-shifting real estate environment.

In celebration of launching nationwide, Townify is hosting a virtual seminar where some of the nation’s top real estate agents and mortgage lenders will share how using technology is critical to success in these unprecedented times.

The first “Townify Summit” will be held Wednesday, October 14. Topics include:

How to cultivate relationships
Building a pipeline with digital marketing
Conducting virtual open houses
Revolutionary real estate technology
To register for the free virtual event, click here.

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Zigzy is a technology startup focused on the real estate and mortgage industry. Its signature offering, Townify, works with many top CRM systems and enables real estate agents to host virtual open houses. To learn more about Zigzy, visit