New Whohub App Puts Real Estate Resources In Agent’s Hands, Bringing Brokerage Operations Into The Mobile Era

New Whohub App Puts Real Estate Resources In Agent’s Hands, Bringing Brokerage Operations Into The Mobile Era
September 24, 2020

FAIRFAX, VA. (MO.Properties) – WhoHub—the app Built by Realtors for Realtors—launched today to meet the rapid need for mobile resources for the real estate community. The new app, available for both Apple and Android users, pulls together essential needs for internal communication, listings, vendors into one, central and focused mobile location. This is the one app that focuses on the needs of the brokerage itself–its internal connections and resources.

Before WhoHub, technology only served the brokerage-to-customer connection, leaving inner-operations to cobble tech together. Now, WhoHub equips agents with organized information at their fingertips, so they can deliver exceptional customer service to the community they serve, while maintaining essential team connectivity and collaboration.

“How is it that technology hasn’t been applied to how the real estate industry works internally?,” asked WhoHub Founder and 30-year real estate agent Gordon Wood. “I’ve watched tools roll out year after year and it was all geared towards helping clients. Now with WhoHub, I am able to keep connected with my team and access our internal resources like trusted contractors and “Coming Soon” listings to immediately help my clients.”

Key features of WhoHub, which was built off three-decades of industry experience, include:

Office-specific announcements and events
Why this matters: This provides a singular location for internal communications so that key
announcements, needs requests and office activities don’t get lost in the abyss of the public inbox
A run down of brokerage-specific “coming soon” properties
Why this matters: Timely awareness is instrumental to meeting client needs, so the sharing of internal intel on upcoming properties is essential for success
An office-proprietary list of preferred vendors
Why this matters: Sharing quality workmanship across the team helps build trust and credibility with clients. Having contact information in a central location and ready to share after a few swipes is invaluable!
An internal resources and documents library
Why this matters: Enables access to resources when you need them, regardless of location, and increases responsiveness

“Teams using WhoHub will find a greater appreciation for having the right information at the right time… right at their fingertips,” said Wood. “WhoHub keeps us connected with our brokerage, our colleagues and our resources, which, ultimately, gets us in a stronger position with our clients and closer to a close.”

A preview of WhoHub is available for download in all app stores, so you can see how the app could work for your team. For information on pricing and to get a subscription, visit or email at