Introducing Aectual, The World’s First Platform For Mass Customizable, 100% Circular, 3D-Printed XL Architectural And Interior Products

Introducing Aectual, The World’s First Platform For Mass Customizable, 100% Circular, 3D-Printed XL Architectural And Interior Products
January 11, 2021

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (MO.Properties) – At CES 2021, Aectual, the worlds’ first platform to rapidly produce bespoke 3D-printed XL architectural and interior products at industrial scale, today announced the global beta launch of its seamless design-to-delivery platform alongside the beta launch of its commercial web shop for consumers. Aectual offers beautifully designed, modern 3D-printed architecture and interior items, such as terrazzo artwork flooring, fixtures, wall paneling, columns, façades, stairs, room dividers, planters and table screens — even entire buildings — that are all made from 100% circular, sustainable recycled and renewable materials. Additionally, the Aectual design-to-delivery process reduces the cost of custom-made architectural products by 50%, is up to 10 times faster, eliminates waste, and reduces materials usages and CO2 emissions. View a short video of Aectual here.

“Aectual addresses a serious global challenge: the construction sector accounts for 39% of all global carbon emissions and is one of the largest polluting industries in the world. Aectual’s turnkey platform enables AEC professionals and consumers to create beautiful, customized XL 3D-printed buildings, architectural and interior design products from 100% recyclable, renewable materials that minimize waste and don’t harm the planet,” said Hedwig Heinsman, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Aectual. “We enable world-class architects, designers and brands to realize their own bespoke designs on demand, at any scale and in any building, and to create truly unique, 100% sustainable products without being slowed down by extensive prototyping and long lead times.”

Commercial real estate projects already deployed globally by Aectual include flooring in Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, flooring in BMW World in Munich, printed display walls in Nike Town London, a tiny bauhaus (aka studio shed or she shed), flooring that uses recycled Budweiser bottles at Capital C offices in Amsterdam and the temporary EU building in Amsterdam. The Aectual 3D-printed XL architectural platform features 12 signature products in seven categories that users can customize to their unique taste, including:

Flooring: terrazzo pattern — available in bio or ultra-thin bio
Furniture: curtains and bookcases
Façade Cladding and Wall Paneling
Outdoor: sun screens and canopies
Concrete Elements: stairs, pavements and façade cladding
Interior Design: planters, room dividers and table screens
Aectual Circular: 100% Circular and Sustainable.

“Aectual Circular” is a novel circular design and digital production service that allows products made by Aectual to be easily shape-shifted from one material into infinite interior design solutions over time. Aectual’s 3D-printing additive manufacturing process is entirely waste-free and a majority of Aectual’s products utilize circular plant-based plastics. After use, Aectual takes back the building products and directly recycles and reprints them into new products. Depending on the product type, this results in a 35% to 95% material reduction due to its parametric designs, the number of materials needed, special manufacturing and product design optimization.

How Aectual Works

The Aectual platform utilizes customizable engineered parametric products, an easy-to-use (customized) design dashboard and proprietary robotic XL 3D-print technology. AEC-industry professionals can upload and create their own product versions or simply go to the Aectual website, pick a terrazzo floor pattern, wall panel, room divider, or sun canopy, for example, and then customize it to their taste. Once ordered, Aectual 3D-prints and installs the product.

To facilitate global deployments, Aectual has built a stable international ecosystem, partnering with reliable multinationals such as Henkel (materials), ABB (robotics) and Arup (engineering). A key factor in Aectual’s success is the combination of the three pillars of the AEC industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) into a one-stop-shop solution: digitally linking architectural design parameters with engineering constraints, and then producing a verified 3D-print file that is constructed with Aectual’s proprietary 3D-printing technology. The combination enables fast, high-quality product production on an industrial scale and makes custom-made architectural design available to the masses.

AEC-industry professionals are invited to participate and sign up for the Aectual enterprise beta version at Prices start at $24 per square foot (€200 euros per square meter) and items are typically more affordable than their conventional, custom-made counterparts. Consumers can choose from a selection of circular furniture and decorative pieces, such as room dividers, table screens and planters, which can be directly purchased or customized to the buyer’s exact taste. Prices start at €500 euros.

About Aectual

Aectual is the worlds’ first platform to rapidly produce bespoke XL 3D-printed architectural and interior products at industrial scale that are 100% circular. We develop sustainably 3D-printed products, such as flooring, planters, room dividers, stairs and more — all made from 100% recycled and renewable materials. Our seamless digital design-to-delivery platform utilizes customizable parametric products, software and proprietary XL 3D print technology, and is already in use and deployed by globally recognized brands like Nike, Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport and BMW. Aectual allows for a 10x faster design-to-build process, eliminates waste and reduces materials usage and CO2 emissions, resulting in up to a 50% cost savings and the possibility to create truly sustainable, custom-made architectural and interior design products.

Founded in 2017, Aectual is the brainchild of three experienced architects and 3D-print experts, who are the team behind the 3D Print Canal House, an internationally acclaimed design-and-build research project into new global housing solutions and market explorations. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Aectual is a privately held company backed by AKEF and DOEN. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, or learn more at

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