Floify Announces Native E-Signature Solution

Floify Announces Native E-Signature Solution
December 1, 2020

BOULDER, Colorado (MO.Properties) – Floify, the leading provider of digital loan origination technology, announced today it has released Floify E-Sign, the company’s native e-signature solution. This highly anticipated addition to the company’s robust point-of-sale system delivers a powerful, mobile-optimized e-signature interface to mortgage professionals and their processing teams, helping to centralize a borrower’s entire mortgage experience in one web-based portal.

Floify E-Sign further streamlines the lending process and improves ROI by providing dynamic functionality, including drag-and-drop signature fields, custom inputs, text areas, checkboxes, dropdowns and radio buttons, as well as templated documents. Additionally, lenders can choose whether certain inputs are required to be signed and/or checked by borrowers prior to completing the e-signature process.

“In today’s fast-moving mortgage industry, loan originators want the speed, convenience and cost effectiveness of a native e-signature solution like Floify E-Sign,” said Floify CEO Dave Sims. “We’re excited to equip lenders with powerful mortgage solutions like Floify E-Sign, which helps lenders increase profit margins, reduce workloads and close more loans in less time.”

With Floify E-Sign, borrowers can complete their loan application and upload, review and electronically sign their documents from one secure, mobile-responsive interface.

Floify E-Sign is included with all Floify subscription plans at no additional cost.

About Floify

Floify is a digital mortgage automation and point-of-sale solution that streamlines the loan origination process by providing a secure application, communication, and document portal between lenders, borrowers, referral partners, and other mortgage stakeholders. Lenders use Floify to collect and verify borrower documentation, track loan progress, communicate with borrowers and real estate agents, and close loans faster. Floify is based in Boulder, Colorado. For more information, visit the company’s website at floify.com or on social media at Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.