Finance Factory Launches Their Automated Credit Review Platform Along with Increased Commissions for All Referral Partners

Finance Factory Launches Their Automated Credit Review Platform Along with Increased Commissions for All Referral Partners!
December 31, 2020

TOWSON, Maryland (MO.Properties) – Finance Factory Funding Range Report ( has launched which is an automated credit review platform that quickly analyzes 27 data points to determine a borrower’s fundability. From inquiries and credit mix to debt-to-income and debt-to-credit calculations, the tool can also identify potential funding options that the applicant may qualify for. This will allow the company to double the number of applications it can process. As a result of this new efficiency, the company is now paying its Finance Agent referral partners increased commissions of 25%!

In addition to providing their clients with over 50+ years of combined business and personal finance expertise, Finance Factory ( also offers exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals seeking a way to monetize their existing network. Referral Partners of Finance Factory can generate significant income for themselves and their businesses simply by referring well qualified individuals to Finance Factory for their business or personal financing needs. Whether you know someone who has an existing business and is looking for some capital to take their company to the next level or have a group of friends with an idea for a business; Finance Factory can assist them with funding and get you paid in the process!

Because Finance Factory offers such a diverse lineup of financing options, the company can create funding solutions for any kind of small business or startup. As a boutique service provider, Finance Factory can navigate much of the paperwork and lender requirements associated with securing all the various types of funding for their clients. You refer the lead; we do the rest. It is that simple. Full training and customizable documents are available to all our referral partners.

Versatility is the cornerstone of Finance Factory’s service. Rather than just one or a few funding options, the company can offer all the following and more:

Business Express Loans
Merchant Cash Advance
Revenue Based Loans
Equipment Finance
SBA Loans
Startup Funding
Franchise Funding
Retirement Funding
Personal Loans
Commercial Real Estate Finance
Business Credit Coaching and Building
Digital Marketing Services
To apply for financing and obtain your Funding Range Report, complete our 3-minute quick application and authorize a soft credit pull:

To become a referral partner with Finance Factory, create an account through their Finance Agent portal and begin submitting clients today:

About Finance Factory

Finance Factory is a nationwide provider of boutique small business financing solutions, with company headquarters in Baltimore County, Maryland. In business since 2006 and as of 2020, Finance Factory’s parent company – Atlantic Business Consulting & Capital, LLC – has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as hundreds of verified, first-party, 5-star reviews. Finance Factory streamlines and simplifies online application services to access loans from third party lenders. Finance Factory is not a loan provider or other funding provider and does not provide actual loans or any kind of advice. An approval of a loan from a third-party lender is subject to a separate assessment process by the third-party lender and the loan is subject to the third-party lender’s terms and conditions. Approval times for loans may vary and are not guaranteed.