Dutch Regulated Crowdfunding Platform Funds First Two Real Estate Projects in Under a Month

Dutch Regulated Crowdfunding Platform Funds First Two Real Estate Projects in Under a Month
November 4, 2020

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (MO.Properties) – Max Crowdfund, an international real estate crowdfunding platform developed by Max Property Group, achieved regulation by the Dutch Financial authorities after two years of development, becoming the first blockchain-powered real estate crowdfunding platform with financial authority approval in August 2020.

In October 2020, Max Crowdfund launched two projects, both asset-backed loans for real estate projects; one in the Netherlands and one in the United Kingdom. Both loans, with an interest rate of 8%, were fully subscribed within the first month of the platform becoming fully operational. Max Crowdfund plans to list more investment opportunities, backed by German and Dutch properties, during November and December of this year.

“Max Crowdfund delivered funding for our project in the United Kingdom, which is unfortunately becoming harder and harder using established banks.” says Daniel Wood of the Swedish Wealth Institute. “We will definitely be placing more of our projects on Max Crowdfund in the very near future.”

On the 5th of October 2020, the European Union approved new rules affecting pan-European crowdfunding platforms. The new rules allow licensed platforms to operate in all European countries and allow all European citizens to invest via one platform, thus raising the amount of projects that can be funded and increasing the number of potential investors that can be attracted.

Instead of having to adhere to differing regulations in each country, the new ruling allows crowdfunding platforms in the EU to comply with a single set of rules. The new rules also increase to maximum amount allowed to be raised for a single project from 2.5 million Euros to 5 million Euros.