Dominica’s Citizenship-by-Investment-Funded Jungle Bay Resort & Spa Will Reopen Next Month

Dominica's Citizenship-by-Investment-Funded Jungle Bay Resort & Spa Will Reopen Next Month
September 15, 2020

LONDON (MO.Properties) – Jungle Bay, an award-winning adventure and wellness resort, is set to open for business in October this year. Located on the Commonwealth of Dominica, the eco-luxury project is part of the Nature Isle’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme which allows investors and their family to become Dominican citizens after making an economic contribution. On his radio talk show recently, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit praised Jungle Bay’s efforts to keep its workers employed during the COVID-19 period.

The Prime Minister said that he was pleased that Sam Raphael, Dominican born entrepreneur and the CEO of Jungle Bay, had not made any employees redundant. He said Raphael reassigned people to different aspects of the construction which the Prime Minister believes was “a great initiative” to retain employment during a difficult period.

“I can tell you with regards to Jungle Bay what the proprietor [Raphael] did during the COVID period was to use this period to complete the construction of the additional villas, residences there and that was done, and so we now have more rooms at the Jungle Bay now that we had at the start of COVID in February,” Prime Minister Skerrit said. “It is a wonderful property, and I have been told by the proprietor that he will open his doors for business in October this year.”

On an episode of CS Global Partners’ podcast, Raphael said that CBI investments in Jungle Bay from the country’s real estate channel are going towards the completion of Phase 2, which is expected to be complete and fully operational by the start of 2021. “The Citizenship by Investment Programme has been a means to fund the development of the project financially. CBI resources became a tool to improve the lives of the people, and the people recognise it,” Raphael said.

Persons who wish to be a citizen of Dominica can apply to the island’s CBI Programme which allows for visa-free travel to nearly 140 destinations and the security of being able to work and study in a safe environment. Vetted persons who invest in real estate can be a part-owner of the development and obtain their citizenship, and later get a return on investment. After three years, one has the option to resell their investment to a non-CBI applicant and still retain their citizenship.