COVID-19 Pandemic Inspires Small Business Owner to Coach with a Pen

COVID-19 Pandemic Inspires Small Business Owner to Coach with a Pen
November 2, 2020

MT. CLEMENS, Michigan (MO.Properties) – While so many businesses are closing, Catherine A. Wilcox, expanded one of her companies, Northstar Manuals, LLC, bringing a team of talented graphic artists and copy editors together to assist her in bringing her passion for writing to print. The Coronavirus has had such a detrimental effect on the world. Wilcox’s mission is to encourage positive transformation and healing – one reader at a time.

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Wilcox is a “Conscious Change Coach” and self-taught spiritual advisor who has experience in opening pathways of communication from Soul to the ego, a 21st century art. She has personally counseled hundreds of people along the path of healing. Now, she is putting her words to paper with a passion to help others by sharing her stories of personal experience and insights from years of research, study, and journaling. Wilcox believes that there are many people of all ages dealing with feelings of loss, grief, and despair and, all people can all heal if they choose to take the necessary steps to make a conscious change.

According to the American Psychological Association in their Special Report this year by Rebecca A Clay: “COVID-19 has brought a raft of intense new stressors while removing many of the resources people have traditionally used to cope with stress. Millions of people have lost their jobs; some have lost their homes or businesses. Families cooped up together because of stay-at-home orders are chafing under the stress, which may increase the risk of intimate partner violence and child abuse. Disrupted routines and the potential for contracting a life-threatening disease may be exacerbating preexisting problems such as mental illness or substance use. At the same time, physical distancing is endangering mental health even as it protects physical health.”

Wilcox has developed a marketing arm for her guides and books called Soul Sequencing – her posts have been on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, and Instagram. Her first two books are available through; “God is in the Details” – Little Stories to Nourish your Faith, and the first of her Sacred Series – Guides for Conscious Change, titled “Sacred Grief”. You can also read her “Comments from Catherine” Blog on her website