Consumers Overestimate Their Financial Knowledge — and Pay the Price: Zolo Report

Consumers Overestimate Their Financial Knowledge -- and Pay the Price: Zolo Report
November 13, 2020

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (MO.Properties) – A new report, released by Zolo, the largest tech-driven real estate marketplace, clearly shows how much North Americans overestimate their financial knowledge.

The report asked 6,551 North Americans to rate their knowledge, confidence and skills when it comes to managing their finances. While the majority (70%) of North Americans felt confident about their financial knowledge, when tested the results showed a surprising lack of money management skills:

Only 54% passed the basic financial literacy test;
78% said they’d run out of money in 90 days or less if they lost their job today;
77% choose to stop saving for retirement in order to buy a home sooner.
Further insights show how difficult it’s been for many North Americans over the last 12 months:

55% were behind two or more consecutive months in paying a bill;
47% were behind two or more consecutive months in making a loan payment or paying their rent or mortgage.
Infographic is available here or download all media files and use (with attribution) here.

“Developing good money-management skills, like budgeting, are critical to financial well-being,” explains Romana King, personal finance expert at Zolo Homebase. “Without basic financial literacy skills, people make money decisions that end up costing them now and in the future.”

Financial literacy and financial sufficiency are closely linked and the data from this report helps highlight the need — and urgency — for ongoing financial education.

This is particularly important for millennials who are looking to purchase their first home or for North Americans struggling with financial hardship. According to the new report, almost three-quarters (74%) of North Americans confessed that their desire for homeownership increased since the start of the pandemic, while 32% admitted that money was a concern on a daily basis.

Survey Details

The survey data was collected through an online survey between September 19 to October 12, 2020, where 6,551 respondents answered questions that were integral to financial literacy. The estimated margin of error is +/- 1.59 percentage points, 19.8 times out of 20 (99%).

Read a summary of the report online at Zolo Homebase.

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