CoHome Launches Industry-First Enabling More People To Invest In Real Estate

CoHome Launches Industry-First Enabling More People To Invest In Real Estate
December 8, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, California (MO.Properties) – CoHome, a real estate technology company that enables more people to buy real estate, today announced the launch of its new platform. Powered by automation capabilities, CoHome is set to allow more people to invest in real estate by matching qualified buyers through co-buying, a process where two or more people purchase a property and agree to share ownership. By teaming up with other qualified buyers, investors are now able to lower their financial obligation when purchasing a home, while also multiplying their leverage with lenders. Ultimately, CoHome will enable more people to build home equity by providing a new path to homeownership for people of all income levels.

“Traditionally, when people buy a home, they take on all of the finances associated with homeownership – from the earnest money, to the down payment, to the inspection, all the way down to the closing costs, and that doesn’t include any upgrades or ongoing maintenance after you purchase the house, let alone taxes and insurance,” said Mao Du, CoHome CEO. “We believe we’re in the midst of a housing affordability crisis where housing costs are rising, wages are staying stagnant, and personal debts are increasing. While the idea of co-buying a property might be new for a lot of people, the sharing economy isn’t, and we believe CoHome will help a lot of people be able to fulfill the American Dream, helping further our mission to democratize homeownership for all.”

CoHome was born out of a desire to reinvent the antiquated rules of homebuying. The company empowers property investors by giving them more leverage when purchasing a property. CoHome is making it necessary for users to create a profile and get pre-screened on its platform, thereby pairing only investors who have aligned both financial and geographic interests. This is extremely significant: This unique model of prompting users to pre-qualify has led to higher trust ratios between investors, making for more successful matches and low reports of deal dissatisfaction during beta testing.

CoHome’s secure platform is easy to navigate in four simple steps:

1. Get pre-screened: A first-to-market process to evaluate users and give co-buyers peace of mind. Users complete a profile and the CoHome platform helps them understand what properties they qualify for

2. Take a tour: Users join a tour group where they can meet other co-buyers and tour homes together

3. Join a co-buying group: Start the home purchasing process and discuss the details of your offer with your other co-buyers

4. Submit an offer: Quick and effective, you’re one step closer to becoming a homeowner

When combining the ease of use in the new platform with the peace of mind in the secure matching process, CoHome’s new offering covers all the bases for more real estate investors to grow their net worth and benefit from the investment.

CoHome is available today in the San Francisco Bay Area with rapid expansion plans coming over the next few months.

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About CoHome

CoHome is a technology platform that connects more real estate buyers and sellers to properties through
co-buying. The company solves the housing affordability crisis by enabling more people to build home equity by
providing easier access to homeownership. CoHome facilitates the end-to-end process of co-owning a
home, from connecting reliable co-buyers to helping them co-buy a home together. With CoHome, you’re
able to invest in home equity with others, while having the option of living in a place you can call your own. Powered by AI, CoHome’s real estate matching platform connects vetted, qualified buyers, and sellers so you can have peace of mind when co-buying. Why rent when you can come home with CoHome.