AnyCurb launches Open Listings to save homeowners 50% on home selling fees

AnyCurb launches Open Listings to save homeowners 50% on home selling fees
September 10, 2020

CHICAGO (MO.Properties) – AnyCurb announced their Open Listings platform to lower barriers of selling and give homeowners more control over selling their greatest asset, their home.

On AnyCurb, homeowners can claim their home, add photos, and begin attracting prospective buyers. After verification of homeownership, AnyCurb sends a photographer to film a 3D tour of the property to optimize the sellers marketing efforts for free.

To protect the homeowner, AnyCurb verifies homebuyers by requesting a pre-approval to ensure that they are qualified to purchase the property. This verification process by AnyCurb allows for a trusted transaction between the two parties.

As a licensed real estate brokerage in Illinois, AnyCurb facilitates the transaction by conducting private showings, marketing the property, and assisting with the contract. Each homeowner is matched with a local agent that can help answer questions about the process and simultaneously look for their next home.

“We know that selling fees are a big hurdle for homeowners. They want to move but are locked into their home because of the large fees associated with selling. We cover the cost of marketing collateral and only get paid if we bring the buyer. That’s refreshingly fair for everyone involved” said Danyal Ali, founder, and CEO of AnyCurb.

Open Listings are non-exclusive marketing agreements, which reserves the right of the homeowner to produce a buyer on their own and pay no fees. AnyCurb gets paid if they bring a buyer at an agreed-upon price or the homeowner transacts with that buyer. Through this agreement, the seller doesn’t pay half of the fees associated with the real estate transaction.

Open Listings are widely used in commercial real estate where property owners only pay the broker that brings the buyer. “Commercial property owners prefer Open Listings for their flexibility and savings . We want to bring those same benefits to residential real estate, leveraging the commercial model and save homeowners half the selling fees” said Jim Osmani, COO at AnyCurb, and previously a VP of Finance in commercial real estate.

About AnyCurb

Headquartered in Chicagoland, AnyCurb believes that freedom of information should drive efficiencies in marketplaces, and is focused on creating tools to help consumers and agents navigate the unpredictable world of real estate.