Amid Fears of a Looming Housing Bubble, The US Real Estate Directory at Has Updated Its Search Engine That Helps People Selling a Home or Buying a Home

Amid Fears of a Looming Housing Bubble, The US Real Estate Directory at Has Updated Its Search Engine That Helps People Selling a Home or Buying a Home
November 12, 2020

LOS ANGELES, California (MO.Properties) – The US Directory of Real Estate,, today announced that its Real Estate Directory has received updates for 2021 that will help visitors looking to sell or buy a house have a smoother and overall better experience by matching them with their ideal real estate agent. The USDRE search engine is not like other real estate search engines from the market. USDRE creates matches to find people that work well together. By doing so, this search engine can match buyers/sellers with the perfect agent based on the principles of the goodness of fit.

At the USDRE, home buyers can find their dream homes in no time. They start with a simple vetting process to find qualified agents. Then they ask the home buyers what are they specifically looking for such as their timeframe, area, budget, etc., so they can finally be matched with agents that can help them. Consulting with a licensed real estate agent can help home buyers get answers to all the questions they might have when buying a new place.

People that are moving and need to find a new place to rent can use USDRE to find their perfect rental agent that will help find the ideal house, condo, townhome, apartment, or vacation rental. Local real estate agents know their cities well and they can help renters find what they need.

Selling a home with USDRE is made easy thanks to the teams of experienced agents in the Real Estate Directory on USDRE can help home sellers find a dedicated licensed agent who can price their homes, provide a professional photo shoot, host showings and open houses, and everything needed to ensure a smooth sale of the property.

Real estate agents can get listed in the Real Estate Directory at USDRE at no costs. Agents with USDRE profiles can enjoy numerous benefits such as free leads, zero maintenance costs, custom profile with photos, verified checkmark, and more. Agents complete a short questionnaire that will help the USDRE to analyze the agent and who they want to be doing business with. The Agent Match algorithm will incorporate the data provided by the agents and then a neural computer network plus a personality matching algorithm are used to discover the factors that the registered home sellers and buyers are seeking so they can match the best possible referrals.

Finding a good property management company is not hard for landlords looking at the USDRE. Finding the wrong tenants, like the ones that destroy the property and don’t pay the rent, is the biggest fear any landlord has. USDRE can recommend a good property manager whose interests are aligned with the landlord. They can help the landlord be compliant with the landlord-tenant law, the fair housing laws, the health & safety laws, and the discrimination laws. When looking for a good property manager, online reviews are important. USDRE founder Eric Bradshaw says: “Good property managers can keep both the owners and the tenants happy.”

About the US Directory of Real Estate

The US Directory of Real Estate is an independent & private company that started as a small list of trusted real estate agents. Eric Bradshaw, co-founder of USDRE realized that there is no objective place where to find real estate agents. They created a list of known reputable agents many of whom he had professionally worked with. Over the years, the USDRE has grown into a national resource that connects people with real estate professionals from anywhere in the country. The unique Agent Match personality algorithm that analyzes people’s values, beliefs and outlook on life has helped many buyers and sellers to match with the best agent possible.

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