Amant’s Floor Care Celebrates Over 50 Years of Business

Amant's Floor Care Celebrates Over a Century of Business
March 26, 2021

Amant’s Floor Care celebrates 50 years of business and voted as one of the Best Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis by

WILDWOOD, MO (MO.Properties) Amant’s Floor Care is a St. Louis region-based floor cleaning company.  Amant’s is a local, family-owned business founded in 1969 by the founder, Steven Amant.  The business was founded on carpet cleaning services and has thrived throughout the decades by providing the region’s best floor cleaning services.

Today, the company is owned and managed by the second Amant generation.  Steven Amanats’ son, Kevin Amant, owns and manages the company and has expanded the services to include a large variety of floor cleaning services, including: voted Amant’s as one of the Best Carpet Cleaners in St. Louis, Missouri, for 2021.  Amant’s online reviews are high across the board.

Some obvious reasons for Amant’s success are the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, New Customer Discount Coupon (located on their website), hassle-free estimates by Kevin Amant, and the top-quality work provided by employees that are highly trained and worked for the company on average of 25 years.

A significant amount of Amant’s business comes from realtor and floor store referrals.  They have and continue to provide services to some of the most prestigious properties.

In summary, Amant’s no-nonsense approach to business and customer satisfaction has and continues to benefit their customers.

Source: Amant’s Floor Care News Section

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